Over the river and through the woods

To Grandmother's House we go

  • The pcs left the strange old farm and returned to the Weary Pilgrim Inn to rest up for the day and started out back on the road to Winecrest the next morning.
  • About mid-day of the first day, the Sam and Dean, the wagoneers, stopped to water the horses at Saddle-Pond …...a couple of the group noticed a strange bit of lightning some 100 yards not the woods beyond the pond….not long after that four hideously deformed 3.5 foot tallk hounds came bounding over the hill on the far side of the pond….they immediately attacked
  • The creatures were odd in that they had no eyes and their hairless bodies were covered in strange runes…their mouths opened to revealed mucous soaked bone-like protrusions that they must have used for teeth…form this they spat out a line of this mucus that was acidic and quite deadly as JAcob found out being caught in a crossfire.
  • Though the fight was long and dangerous with Nimbles and Jacob taking the brunt of it…the companions were finally victorious and went to investigate the starnge lighting strikes…not surprisingly they found 4 unevenly spaced scroch marks where the odd lightning hit…the company surmised that these beasts had been summoned…apparently to kill them….but the question remained…why?
  • But before the answer could be found the group returned to find Sam and Dean aiding a wretched looking man who had apparently come a long way through the woods and from the shredded remains of his clothing had been attacked by some sort of animal.
  • He introduced himself as Adrian Potter and claimed that he and a old lady named Becka Anders, affectionately referred to as Grandmother, had both lost their children and feared for the safety of the ones of his town….Dunharrow…he pleaded with Sir Damryn and his friends to find the missing children. Of course, the knight and the group could not refuse and followed the man down a narrow game trail…apparently quite old and overgrown requiring them to walk their mounts.
  • Along the way as they turned around a corner around an old oak, a large robe covered man stepped out and demanded a toll….then attacked…the fight was quick and decisive…but the man turned out to be some sort of bestial creature which could not be identified. After deciding to take the creature to Dunharrow in case it might be the thing that had taken the children, the group found that they had lost track of Adrian…he was no where to be seen.
  • Sending NImbles ahead to scout the little halfling followed a fork in the trail to an old cabin that seemed to no longer have any residence….then when finally catching up to the group they came upon Dunharrow which greeted them with an eerie sight…every building in town had their roof covered with crows….they carefully entered the town and headed toward the only building that was not closed up…the tavern: The Burning Branch. There they met the tavern keeper and learned that Adrian Potter( the man that had led them here) had supposedly hung himself some 2 weeks earlier.
  • They spent the night in the tavern( sleeping on the floor) where Sam and Kethra took turns taking watch….they discovered a young boy sneaking out of his house at night and nailing a young rabbit to a tree stump with a kitchen knife…..they attempted to watch that stump every hour on the hours and sure enough a strange man/creature dressed in a gray jester's outfit showed up…unable to avoid detection he tried to escape…the group tried to capture the agile thing ,but with no luck…he escaped to the woods.
  • The next day during a town meeting, it was discovered that 2-3 of the town's children seemed to be under some sort of effect after having met the Jester…also, it turned out that the Jester had been coming to the tavern for several weeks posing as a travellign comedian/bard…but unfortunately, the main joke looked to be on the town.
  • The pcs searched Adrian Potter's old place( the house that Nimbles had found) and discovered that indeed someone had died there ,but no hide nor hair of Adrian.
  • Then fearing the ineffectiveness of their weapons against the Jester in their first encounter, they surmised he was fey and then Jacob went back to town to train some with the cold-iron dagger he had gotten while Samuel went back to try to find more clues from the townsfolk. Meanwhile, Damryn, NImbles and Kethra went to Granny Anders house to see how she had faired.
  • At the lake where she lived, they were greeted by a disheveled and dirty ,but friendly looking old lady . She invited them in and proceeded to tell them the tail of how she had many of the children down in the basement because she feared for their lives from a creature on the island out in the middle of the lake. She begged the group to go to the island to slay it for them. The group instead offered to escort her and the children back to town which she begrudingly accepted. Once they got to the door surrounded by the children, she transformed into a hideous hag and attacked…further more their friend the Jester, Chortle, attacked from hiding. It seemed the two had formed some sort of duo to better feed their dark appetites.
  • Fearing the an inevitable defeat and likely death , Nimlbes yelled for the other two to flee with him through the window…as the children themselves attacked with knives seemingly acting on the directions of the Jester…..however, neither Damryn nor Kethra made it out….Nimbles ran back to get aid , but the outnumbered companions were in a desperate fight for their lives.
  • Dodging children and trying to avoid the affect of the Jester's sceptre( making them laugh uncontrollably for precious seconds), Damryn and Kethra fought brilliantly ,but faced an extremely determined and vicious set of foes. Luck and skill allowed them to deal a telling blow to the hag ,but before Kethra could finish her off, the Jester showed his true power and wickedness…he forced one of the children to stab themselves with the knives…he said unless the two left immediately, the other children faced the same fate….Kethra and Damryn had no choice but to submit…they left the house while watching the children tend to "Granny", however, they vowed to themselves to come back….but would it be in time???



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