Discovered the ruins of the old city beneath Winecrest- Sanctuary

Dandrabar’s Wonderworks: Construct shop * iron skeleton

  • Glass armoir of clocks = Well of Worlds – 12 portals and 7 gold rings which acted as keys- places known: Hell?, Mechanus?( pcs kept the 7 rings ,but left everything else in place)
  • Dandrabar’s workbook and the magical compass- ensorcelled to protect the place from evil…Firo figured the effect made the place invisible to evil creatures…

Found the fortified mansion of Lord Mayor Sila Frost- weird undead nutcase…but was friends with a 1-armed wizard named Tanatalus….pcs figured( correctly) that it was Artemis Drake( treachery afoot).

Discovered the Hall of the Sons of Vanshar – faced traps and spell-stitched otyugh…then finally ran into Jarandrael….used Nimbles as a blocking tackle and Jacob slung the magic of the ring of the Valiant Guard to expel the Grimorden possessing him…unfortunately, the elven runeblade died.

Exploring further fought some summoned devil and a runehound then made their way into the Black Sphere…a holy place that seemed to be dedicated to Vanshar and 7 other dieties lost to antiquity…the Council of Midnight. Within they were met by Tantalus- one armed and one tentacled wizard and a creepy looking magical rift in the center of the temple. He offered to let them live if they but gave him the book of the Aberrant Lords…they of course refused and were quickly engaged in a tense fight for their lives…he threw many spells ,but crafty Nimbles saved the day with timely magical missiles of force which finally overcame the powerful mage. He was unhooded…it was Drake ,but unfortunately his skin began to bubble and melt away as if made of wax….a clone relayed through Firo’s knowledge of magic…Damryn discovered two texts in a hidden compartment in the altar- one a journal of sorts of the leader of the Sons of Vanshar and the other another un-readable text written in glowing golden text…unearthly in texture and sight.

Damryn discovered that his beloved Church had not always been so narrowly structured and in fact Vanshar had originally been believed to not only be one of 8 powerful creator entities ,but also of a dual nature having both a lawful/justice oriented side and a wonderlust/freedom aspect called the Wonderbringer.

Following some info on the location of a library in Sanctuary the group came upon a great unmarred and completely barren looking two-story building. After trying to break through its defenses they were greeted by two magi: Naran- dark skinned male unhappy in the extreme to be bothered and Cindra Kahn a friendly and attractive older lady who shared a lot of info with the group. The Magi were trying to find a way to heal the World Wall that had been damaged by none other than Artemis Drake when he was an apparentice in Starcrest, and she offered to aid the pcs in the future if she could….she also interpreted the language of the new dark tome they had found in the Black Sphere to be written in Great-Speech…supposedly the language from which current day Celestial is from…supposedly a language strictly for divine creatures….the antithesis of DarkSpeech( spoken only by great evil demon gods and their ilk). The pcs were not allowed to explore the library as it was claimed by the Magi , and they were advised not to be so ‘forceful’ on the door if they came back to visit someday.



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