Betrayal at the Abbey

A Monk by any other name

  • Abbott Ezran and Brother dern lead pcs down to the lower cellars where Kethra sees the shadowy lithe figure (perhaps from the statue area on the surface of the island). This figure beckons her to follow her around a corner and sends her a telepathic message to do so. Due to the arrival in the gate area, Kethra and company are side-tracked by the 6 white-eyed monks { a.k.a. Soul-Bled ] and 2 dark-eyed monks [Grimorden possessed] who are guarding what is left of the Trifold Gate, along with , of course, a plethora of smoky demonic entities swirling above near the ceiling.
  • The monks and the pcs engage in combat all the while Abbott Ezran yelling for one of the devout of Vanshar( Sir Damryn, Kethra, or Brother Tyran) to go to the last gate and free its lock to let loose the vengeance of the Seraphim.
  • It turns out to be a ruse when brother Tyran finally manages to do it a dark cloud of smoky demonic spirits pour from the gate and a giant figure of a dark knight called the Shadow King emerges from the gate. The Abbott himself and brother dern reveal that they are indeed possessed themselves by Grimorden and enjoy the shock it causes the party. The Shadow King commands his Sentinel ( Brother Ezran) to allow the pcs to live ,so that they can revel in the knowledge that they have served their new lord and master admirably even though their lives may indeed be short lived.
  • Unfortunately, during the gate turmoil, both Sam and Jacob are possessed by Grimorden. Once the Shadow king leaves the group decides that they caqnnot suffer the Sentinel/betrayer to live and the fight is on. Kethra( pushed on by the magic of her necklace) causes the demon in Sam to strike at her furiously apparently deathly afraid of its power. Soon it is discovered that the necklace can drive out the demons as its smoky form hurtles from Sam’s open mouth. Unfortunately, the demon’s must take a horrible toll on the bodies that they possess for Sam’s limp body is left apparently lifeless. After a long fight with the possessed Jacob and the Sentinel, the grimorden decide to vacate the premises( so to speak) and catch up with their brethren. Jacob seems to be made of sterner stuff as he narrowly survives the exit of the demon.
  • The shadowy figure that Kethra saw turns out to be the ghost of an elven female who tells the party that their only hope now is in the secrets of Diamisin’s Tower…the one outside the Abbey that they had been warned away from earlier by the Tyran.
  • It becomes apparent that the tower is magically protected for as the group attempts to gain entrance they are bombarded by attacks made up of summoned beasts. Though the fights are not easy, they do prevail and find themselves in the upper room wherein they meet the ghost of Diamisin Wynysar who relays that his family was bound some centuries past to this island as guardians. He created an order called the Vigilant Guard to keep the evil of the Grimorden in the Shadow World through the complex series of the Trifold Gate and the mighty magic of one he referred to as the Kith of Kyonin. He further tells the pcs that his wife Esmira and he had lost their son during the last climactic battle against the Shadow King and his demon minions( the Grimorden) wherein this Kith of Kyonin worked such magics to disembody the demons and hurtle them to a nether world trapped by the power of the gates and the Wynysar family Kith Stones.
  • Diamisin tells the party that they might be able to salvage the gate and use his family’s Kith Stones to again imprison the Grimorden and their awful dark lord ,but they would first to need to contact some Kith of Kyonin to find out if such mighty magics could be used again. And unfortunately, the Grimorden and thei King would not wait for that…they would likely begin an age of darkness that would threaten to sweep across all of Mythra. He then gave them leave to take whatever they wished from his tower , and issued a final warning to take care of the tower’s guardian.
  • Lead by Nimbles keen nose for magic, the group found the following items: A suit of extremely rare and ancient elven chainmail which fit Jacob like a 2nd skin and had magic held within it that could only be activated by a blood relative of its creator…whomever that happened to be. A signet ring of the Wynysar family that held the same properties that Kethra’s ring held. Apprently a powerful ward against the Grimorden. And a book of spells that perhaps had once belonged to Diamisin Wynysar.

*Once the tower guardian was dispatched( apparently some semi-sentient ooze that could summon beasts at will), they bedded down in the tower for the night before seeking out ruins at the North end of the island where the bluish magical energy that seemed to control the still ragin storm outside. Late that night they were visited by lone survivor of a ship headed for a Trade Moot in a nearby coastal town. His name is Firo(human) and was known to Jacob when he was but an apprentice. Apparently he had grown in power since those days and proved his value to the group through his ability to translate High Elven( Diamisin’s diary) and magical scripts( the spell book). Though he was told of the party’s current quest and predicament, he still seemed to want to join up especially since he had no where else to currently go.

  • The next morning the group went to the ruins and promptly were met by shadowy dogs whose very location was obscured by the shadows in which they had been summoned. Thanks to the quick thinking of the new member, Firo, who cast stones of light in the midst of battle, a fight that could have been quite deadly became nearly routine. Searching the runes a strange metallic box was found with the bodies of several dozen orcs lying about it. The orcs were indeed dead ,but their bodies seemed to have been nearly perfectly preserved. While analyzing the box, a few Soul-bled monks rose up from the dead orc bodies to harass the party for a few rounds. Then discovering that the box had its own magical defenses when one of the party was zapped by necromantic energy when they tried to close it. Finally, a gem not unlike the gem keys that had locked the Trifold gate was discovered amongst the bodies and throught he use of specialized telekinetic magic, Nimbles and Firo together were able to close the lids of the box while Damryn put the gem lock in place. Afterwards, Nimbles made sure to hide the location of the necromantic/shadow “battery” through the use of soem stone melding magic. The group then left to rest and wait for the return of the Gray Gull.



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