An Aboleth? That Doesn't Make Any Sense.

friends in low places

PCs returned triumphantly through the streets of Haskenport and were rewarded with small gifts and the town’s thanks. The mayor asked for help serving her rogue hubby with divroce papers ,but Kethra refused. Besides bad weather, the Gray Gull made it into Winecrest harobr before the poop hitting the fan.

The ship was stopped some 2-300 yards from the docks by the tentacles of a large sea creature(aboleht) and his fish-liek minions( kuo-toans) boarded and engaged in an attempted slaughter. The fight was fast and furious and the aboleth kept attempting to dominate Sir Damryn’s mind to get him to toss the book out into the briny depths. His faith and mental fortitude was too great and after the destructions of his shell encrusted minions the fell beast slinked away to the ocean depths vowing to return soon to get the book.

The city council was deeply embroiled with the Rainlands Consulate due to a recent murder of Etien Aubrecht, the representative of the magical academy of Redhurst which shortly thereafter left the city. Also, Clea Pentalldrin was with the wizard when the elf attacked and if not for a man named Master Zacharus would have surely been deflowered and likely killed. The council led by the Empirial Advisor,Captain Lance Daerdran , the mayor,Ephrom Malconen, and Kethra’s father,Elias Stonebridge, wanted the culprit, an elven attache of the diplomat Shivara Dawnflower to be handed over to the city for punishment. The elf leader refused and a tense ‘stand-off” of sorts ensued.

The pcs were summarily brought into the conflict through fate and connections all around including: Lady Astasia( a citizen friend to the elven peoples), Master Zacharus(human mentor of Jacob and currently sworn bodyguard to the elven diplomat), and their own desire to find a way to the Rainlands with the winter season upcoming.

After all was said and done they agreed to pursue this diplomatic aid, Jarandrael, to save him from whatever has possessed him. As by sharing information, Master Zacharus and the elven diplomat and the party believe the elven warriror-assistant was possessed by one of the Grimorden. The group was warned of the high skill Jarandrael possesses and not to take him lightly.

They were given a note to meet a local rogue named Vender willing to sell a map that would supposedly lead them to the murderer. He had gone on a a killing spree of killing prominent half-elven citizens after he escaped imprisonment from the Consulate( oh yeah, unbeknownst to the leaders of Winecrest…if that were to leak out…things could get quite…well, ...ugly).

Anyhoo, they visited the wizard Artemis Drake to find a way to protect the book. He helped them figure out it was a book titled “The Tome of the Aberrant Lords” and spoke of the powers of the lords beyond the stars…in particular one called Cthuhlu. They decided it best not to leave the book with him as he admitted he would be more than tempted to peruse the tome. But he offered what help he could and off they were to make the deal with this man named Vender.

Vender was a despicable sort whose personality grated on Kethra. But with some diplomacy a deal was made and the map was obtained. The party went to the entrance to the sewers wherein lied a hidden entrance to some old parts of the city upon which Winecrest had been built. The pcs were warned that J was an elven master of runic magic and battle, a Runeblade and to watch out for runic-traps. They ran into several and they also encountered some tiny creatures called Meenlocks whose mental attacks took their toll on Kethra in particular( their assaults causing her a heightened state of paranoia causing her to have trouble focusing) before they could send them fleeing…a few in pieces. They would not be surprising this Runeblade…..



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