Post Traumatic Stress

  • The pcs agreed that brother Tyran should stay on the island and helped him bury the dead, and start a signal fire for the returning Grey Gull
  • Tyran gave the pcs about 1000 gp to gather runners/delivery men to take word to Monastery of the Sanguine Soul that the Abbey needed more recruits and that there was a great evil let loose …the Shadow king and the Grimorden, and to hire some metal workers to re-forge the Trifold Gate.
  • the pcs left the next day and made it to Haskenport for the last day of a trademoot wherein they learned that a uniqyue order of Vanshar serviced this small town called the Order of the Pale Rose-who believed in blood sacrifice( animals…they claimed) and other ideas that are heretical to the main faith. Sir Damryn was not pleased .
  • The town mayor Valerie Velusco( on behalf of the high priestess of the order of the pale rose, Anna Bettencourt, offers the pcs 500 gp to investigate an old manor house ont he edge of town that a local ranger noticed had been taken over by humanoid squatters. Though Sir Damryn and priestess Bettencourt made for a tense negotiation, the deal was made.
  • The pcs explored the manor house…it was apparently willed to the church by a fairly famous ,but allegedly a bit addled paladin named Reynard Hasken( a friend and contemporary of Sir Damryn’s grandfather). The encountered a barbarian woman who claimed to be a princess from one of the far northern Frostmere Giantslayer clans. However, the pcs quickly discovered her ruse and discovered it was a familiar foe: Madriga- the hag who had killed so many children in Dunharrow some weeks back. The party made sure that her reign of terror ended that night. They severely trounced and slew her and her two lycanthropic minions.
  • Exploring the rest of the house they discovered some love letters from Reynard to a mysterious lover named M’hira who was apparently in some far off realm, world or distant plane.. They also discovered in the basement some dead fish-like men with one barely hanging on to life. The exit from the basement was through a straneg metallic blue door. Jacob followed the door and saw a large stone creature walking along the waters off the dock to a partially submerged sea cave.Unwisely he called to it and then it returned to proceed to beat the stuffing out of the group before Firo proved his value again casting a fireball on it which did not hurt the berserk Clay Golem,but did drop it underneath the dock. This gave the group the time to grab the living mer-man, named Kadre, and flee back to town.
  • Finding themselves unable to heal the mer-man, they reluctantly turned to the Church of the Lifeblood and the heretical pale rose order. Though wearing a not so subtle grin ( knowing the paladin was seeking her aid). the high priestess healed Kadre( who himself was reluctant to enter the church) through the use of some disturbingly powerful blood magic. Sure of some sort of deviltry in this order ,but unable to find any evidence, Sir Damryn reluctantly left ,but not without checking the slough behind the church for human remains. There weren’t any ,but his suscpicions remained.
  • Returning the next morning to the manor house, they discovered that the golem( apparently left by Reynard) was gone and his treasure( that the mer-men were seeking to aid themin defeating an “ice witch”) was un-guarded. Again, old Reynard seemed to be resourceful as the magic on the treasure chest summoned a bizarre creature made of ethereal “snot” [ ectoplasm]. Though the group managed to defeat it, it did some significant damage almost killing Jacob. Luckily, Nimbles magical staff healed them up and they discovered the thing kadre wanted was what they had been seeking…another artifact of the Vigilant Guard- the Wynysar Bracers. Though he wanted the bracers to protect him and his brothers from the control of the hag int eh sea cave, he was an honorable sort and asked only for some way to aid his brethren. His story and bravery touched the hearts of the group and they went with him through the underwater cave and into the icy domain of the sea hag , Thurza.
  • An intense battle was fought between the ice hag and her ogre minions. She seemed to wield great magic and was at first able to counter some of the party’s most potent spells such as Nimble’s Slowing spell. However, eventually the group defeated her and as she died she called to Kethra with a far off look in her eye…saying only the cryptic words:”Mother, you shall not have my coven.”
  • The pcs took her wand and gave it to Firo as it seemed to enhance his specialty of evocation magic. They freed a few of the surviving members of Kadre’s clan…though they were called mer-men by the locals, Kadre told the pcs that his races actual name was the Seelen. He and his brothers parted ways promising to return the kindness to the group in the future should they ever need it. With the challenge that lay ahead of them, the defeat of the Shadow King and his minions, the group would likely need all the help that they could get.



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