Mythra is collection of islands( a few nearly continent sized) protected( caged?) by a magical barrier known as The World Wall which some sages believe keep the lands safe from the ravages of elemental chaos. It is an ancient land with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of years of history. The most recent event called the Thassolonian Civil War( also known as The War of Dissolution , or just The War) concerns the majority of peoples in the land today. Once a shining land, Thassolonia was an empire ruled by a bright and learned human named Everett Avalon. However, as fate would have it, the empire has fallen to pieces fought over by many factions including ,but not limited to the Magi,the Church of Vanshar ( faith of the One and true god), the Order of the Transcendent Blade , the Corsair Consortium, and what’s left of the Sovereign Imperium. After involving themselves heavily in one side or the other in the civil war, the non-human races have more or less returned to their ancestral homelands. The elves did leave some ambassadors in a few major ports as well as encourage their fey bretheren, the halflings, to stay in Thassolonia and try to make a go of it. Currently the small folk are having mixed success in this endeavor while the majority of the elves have returned to the Rainlands.

The dwarves of the mighty mountain halls have hidden themselves almost completely due to the infamous battle of Galdrane’s Horn in which a whole clan of dwarves was wiped out of existence due to a Thassalonian knight named Sir Galdrane . The exact details refer to either treachery or sheer folly on the knight’s part depending on whom is doing the telling. Either way, the dwarven king has closed the doors of Hammer’s Hope and to the Blacksteel forges deep within the mountain of the same name.

The orcs and goblins who were thorns in the sides of all races sought to expand their holdings and coffers through raiding and pillaging during the civil war. They had and still continue to have much success ,but with the end of the civil war their days look to be numbered. All ready the Order of the Transcendent Blade ( sometimes referred to as the Transcendent) and the Church of Vanshar have begun campaigns to push the humanoid scum back to the Darklands where they were spawned.

From once mighty Theopolis, where the last male heir of Emperor Avalon plays boy-king upon an impotent throne , southwest to the twin ports of the Inner Sea run by the Corsair Consortium, who for now, pay lip service to the young king, north to the mysterious Starcrest,home of the fabled Magi, and south again to the island duchies of the leaders of the Transcendant Blade, the lands of Mythra stand upon a precipice. Will these competing factions succeed in reforging a new dawn or will they continue their incessant fighting leading to utter annihilation? A group of weary & battle hardened heroes embark upon a journey of a lifetime….starting where all good stories do….at home and hearth.