Gaming Schedule 2008
Date and Times


Meeting Place: Chez Nichols 

Time: Noon-6p(possibly as late as 8p)

Dates:( all Saturdays)

September 20th                                      October 4th( possibly cancelled due to b-days?)

October 18th                                          November 1st

November 15th( cancelled due to Cabin Con likely??)      Nov. 29th ( Thanksgiving??)                 

December 13th                                      December 27th

 January 12th                                        JAnuary 26th

Boy, we got some stuff going on this fall/winter….any suggestions/concerns folks?

Session 1: The Boggles
Date: 9-06-08

1st Session:

  <u>Important NPCs:</u>( in Greenvale, population : 2000)

Guisseppi Panaloni- toymaker, his wife, Estelle, and his 5 year old daughter, Giselle

Lazarus( Laz) Elmwood- baker , his wife Vera

Owen Bender- owner of the Silent Shield tavern/inn

Obadiah Shane- sheriff of Greenvale

John Grueder- farmer in the North Hills

Madam Hilde- halfing gypsy mystic

Father Mathias- bishop of Vanshar


Kethra Pentalldrin receives a letter from her daughter , Clea, about a late shipment of toys from Greenvale to Winecrest. She asks Kethra if she woudl consider getting the local toymaker to explain himself. Kethra and her friends meet up with the toymaker as he is having a spat with the baker who lives next door. Samuel arrives as well and aids in getting the two of them to calm down. It seems that Guiseppi and Laz are in vehement disagreement as to why the toymaker's missing ledger is in the baker's trash, and why the Baker's dogs will not stop their incessant barking whenever Guiseppi comes outside. Nimbles notices Giselle, the 5 year old daughter of the toymaker , is playing with her dolls ,but the prince and princess are not living happily ever after ,but rather they are being tied up and eaten by some wooden goblyns. Furthermore, she is singing quietly to herself a goblyn rhyme that Nimbles has never heard in the common tongue. This singing garners the attention of Samuel as he takes Guiseppi aside and Sir Damryn does the same to the baker. Samuel discovers that the toymaker has had a rash of bad luck recently including an apparent arson involving his warehouse and his recent shipment of toys. The baker is incensed that Guiseppi is blaiming him as they both share the trash.

The others , lead by Kethra, talk to the girl who tells them she heard the song from her new friends, the Boggles. She says she met them while playing in the woods. Guiseppi confirms that she had been lost for a few hours a few weeks back ,but luckily, Farmer Grueder found her near his property before anything horrible could happen to her. Rumors of goblyn raiders and the possiblity of the return of "Bloody Maw" ( a bullette attack that had occured some 10 years earlier) made the search for the young girl quite frantic. Being ever vigilant to dark deeds and strange occurences, the adventurers ask the toymaker about the "Boggles". He says that she claims they are her friends who gave her a quite intricate puzzle box which she found in the woods. He claims that it is nothing ,but her vivid imagination and sends her daughter back inside. Kethra then brings up the issue of his toy shipment and after some negotation, the group agrees to ride guard for the caravan to Winecrest the very next morning.

A visit to one of the more established watering holes, The Silent Shield,  introduced the group to a few unique folks. First the bar keep is a large balding man named Owen Bender. He is a towering giant of a man who seems to be gruff ,but kind. He keeps all manner of strange fetishes ( garlic strings, wolvesbane, pickled bird's feet in a jar, goofer dust, etc)hanging around his establishment as well as his trusty greatsword above the mantle of the bar. It turns out he is the last descendent of Mad Mary Bender, a local legend who was most assuredly a witch ,but disappeared mysteriously in her home in a hidden copse of woods on the outskirts of the norhtern farmlands. Rumor has it that Owen is a bit touched due to the upbringing with his aunite ,but he more than proved his value to the community when he single handedly slew the great land shark, Bloody Maw , some ten years back. Though loathe to talk about his aunt and her occult connections, Owen will reagle any listeners of his encounter with the bulette and the limp it left him .

The group also met Alaine Gunther, an apparent recruiter for the Order of the Transcendent Blade, but most recently a student of the battle technique of Warding Stances hailing from the Jade Palladium School of Martial Arts. Alaine has been spending his time showing off , or "illustrating" the superiorty of his fighting technique to some of the local young men. Though a friendly sort, his arrogance shines through. This did not sit well with either Jacob or Sir Damryn and to the delight of the crowd a small debate of fighting technique broke out. The situation did not escalate into combat ,but it was clear that the two battle companions had no love for the recruiter. Kethra showed a small interest in the impressive physique of the Jade PAlladium's representative ,but his unsubtle advances towards her left him with a cold bed for the evening.

Meanwhile, Nimbles had snuck off to talk with Madam Hilde about the toymaker's daughter's puzzle box, During his evening walk to the gypsy camp, Nimbles was stalked by a fearsome Worg. Using his speed and guile, he managed to get to the safety of the gypsies' campfire before the beast could strike. Madam Hilde ascertained that the puzzle box was in fact an Unseelie Rune Box. It was created to sow discontent and chaos in the world of man. No good could come of its opening and the young girl and all of Greenvale were likely in grave trouble unless the Gremlins that had been contained in the box were safely sealed back inside. 

The next morning the group met on the way to Guiseppi's home ,but were again startled by the site of Sheriff Obidiah Shane and several town guardsmen seemingly about to arrest Guiseppi and LAz ( the baker). It seemed that someone or something had horribly massacred Laz's two rotweiller-sized dogs and left the remains on his door step. Guiseppe and Laz had clearly fought over who was to blaimed as each man had numerous bruises and blood stains as they clung to their respective mates. The sheriff was quite glad to see the War veterans show up and explained the situation to Sir Damryn and his friends. Obidiah was going to take Guiseppi into custody and get a statement from Laz. There were bloody footprints leading to one of the windows( Giselle's room actually) of the toymaker's home. However, Obidiah doubted Guiseppi had much to do with it because the footprints were 2.5 times the size of a man's boot. He would calm the two families down and quite likely release them on their own word later that evening as long as neither left town. Sheriff Shane asked the group to look into another problem out at Farmer Grueder's place. He was missing cattle and the Sheriff feared what all the other folk in town did..a return of a land shark like Bloody Maw.

Once the guards took the toymaker and the baker away, Kethra led the group to see Giselle. After getting permission from her mother, Kethra talked to Giselle about her friends the Boggles and discovered that she in fact knew their names: Tidel , Tadel, and Todel. Giselle showed Sir Damryn her room and her new puzzle box. He asked he if her could borrow it for a while .  The girl agreed ,but wondered aloud if her new friends might be angry when they found out the box was gone. Shortly thereafter they made their way to FArmer Gruder's place.

Luck was finally on their side as the the missing cattle had been taken by a colony of ant-like creatures called Ankhegs. Samuel led the group to the edge of Bender's Creek where the "anthills" were located. Their they fought and defeated 3 small Ankhegs and 2 horse-sized ones. The fight was scary ,but the battle hardened group dispatched the animals with precision. Both Jacob and Samuel took some nasty wounds ,but thanks to the timely ministrations of both Kethra and Sir Damryn they were healed. Before leaving, Kethra searched one of the anthills and discovered a tiny wooden goblyn toy soldier along with the grisly remains of one of farmer Grueder's cows.

That evening, the group convened with Father Mathias in the temple. It turned out that he and Madame Hilde knew each other and were already working together to find a way to defeat the Gremlins. Madame Hilde told the companions that the gremlins could only be seen at night( and then only if they didn't wish to remain invisible), they would need to be captured using the Ruen Box itself, the group would have to take the little girl Giselle to where she first found the box( Old Mad Mary Bender's house), and then perform a ritual using the little girl as the gremlin's connection to this worldand a focus to force them back into the Unseelie Rune Box. They should expect the gremlins to use all manner of trickery and deceit as well as their own formidable powers to try to stop this from happening. The group would need to protect the girl while battling the gremlins sorcery in the abode of a former witch. All in  a day's work for the new heroes of Greenvale…..


Main Characters
the pcs


 The Main Characters:

Sir Damryn: human paladin- a holy knight of the Order of the Rose Shield. Damryn is a loyal and stalwart paladin of Vanshar the god of Justice and Truth. He hails from a long line of knights and well respected leaders. However, his family has recently fallen away from the truth of Vanshar as his great uncle was one of the rebellious leaders of the Imperial Army that turned against King Everett Avalon I and essentially began the War of Dissolution. H ehas returned to Greenvale with his friends from the battlefront and seeks to find the path that Vanshar has for him. If along the way he can restore the honor of his family name, then all the better.

Jacob: human fighter- rough and tumble warrior who served the Empire well during the War of Dissolution( civil war). He has a lot of battle scars to show for his efforts ,but has found his heart brings him back to Greenvale. Though raised by man who was not his biological father, Jacob has a soft spot for his homeland and if truth be told , his love of Greenvale was the main reason for his willingness to lend his sword to the Empire.  Jacob is a man of few words and little patience for elaborate conversations.

Nimbles: halfling sorceror- small and quick this fleet-footed halfling is a bit of a quirky fellow. He served the Empire on special missions with his half-elven friend, Samuel. Though not of great stature, his ability to remain unseen and use magic has worked to his advantage. He has a special relationship with the world of Fey that even he does not completely understand. Nimbles child-like appearance and penchant for eating candy always leaves a strong impression with those he meets for good or ill. He has come to Greenvale to see if he can fit in with Samuel and his people ,but also to explore his own mysterious  soul through contact with a halfling mystic known as Madame Hilde.

Kethra Pentalldrin: human fighter – Marrying at the ripe old age of 13, this fire brand of a young woman bore two children to a wealthy merchant , Michael Pentalldrin of Greenvale. Though their was no love in the marriage of two,  so far apart in years, the arrangement did suit the family. When her children were still young, her husband Michael was murdered by bandits while travelling to the sea port of Winecrest. This attack was purportedly one of several that started the war that ripped through the Empire of Thassolonia. A few years into the War, her eldest son, Barian, chose to join the ranks of the Imperial forces and apprenticed to Jacob( see above). During these difficult times, many folks in Grenvale had to pitch in to keep the town safe. Kethra showed her quality in the use of the bow. She became one of the town's most skilled hunters and helped to thwart attacks by several goblyn raiders.  One year before the signing of the Accords of Peace, Jacob sent word to her of her son's death at the battlefront. Though dealt a horrible blow , she was not defeated. She decided that her daughter, Clea, could best use her natural talents in business in  Winecrest under the watchful eye of her somewhat mysogynistic grandfather, Elias Stonebridge while Kethra would quell the growing sorrow in her heart by taking an even more aggressive role in re-building her homeland.

Samuel: half-elf rogue- born of human father and elven mother, Samuel goes by many names depending on with which race he is working. He grew up in Greenvale and due to his father's influence as Regent Mayor( a one year position given to him after the then Lord Mayor was murdered in a goblyn raid), Samuel gained some respect in the mostly human settlement. Though his mother left when he was young, he still had good relations with many of the Elven Nations of the Rainlands. This contact and his own welcoming personality made him a prime choice for receiving and entertaining elven diplomats from the Rainlands. The War brought on a new role for Samuel as his skills as a scout were used by the Empire to run quick strikes against enemy caravans using well known trade routes. He developed a friendship with Jacob , Damryn, and Nimbles through his military experience, and like Jacob considers the good of Greenvale above most others. However, deep within himself, his elven ancestry is still a bit of mystery and the lands ruled by the Fey still call to him.




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