Long lived mystic


Ranger 6/Wizard 10     

 AC: 25     Hps: 145           F: 15   R: 18   W: 15

Weapon: staff which hides in it sword, he is dual wielding staff and sword ranger

S: 16       I: 22

D: 26      W: 14

C: 18      Ch: 14


Gear: Magical boots which allow him to travel between any wooded area…teleport via pass through plants, and move unhindered in woodland terrain as well as silent. These were a gift from his estranged mother, Queen Mab of the FAewylde

Sword of Aeron

Brooch of Bending


Arimenes , also called Arim by his friends , is well over 200 years old and hails from the Unseelie Realm of

the Faewylde. He is one of many offspring of Queen Mab, leader of the Unseelie Court and one of the most

powerful Fey personnages in the faerie realm.  Her chaotic and often capricious nature did not sit well with Arim , and so often he fought with mother. Eventually this lead to a confrontation wherein he almost killed Mab's favorite servant Maddoc which sent his mother into a rage. She exiled him to the prime world of Golarion/Mythra where he adopted its people as their protector. He has continued to thwart Mab's schemes in the prime plane ,but he focuses most of his attention to the region of woods in and around Dunharrow.




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