Samuel Landon

1/2 Elf Rogue Swordsman


Initiative: 5;
HP: 41;
AC: 18, Touch 15, FF 13 (When Uncanny Dodge doesn’t apply);
Saves: F +2, R +9, W +2
Discription: Height: 5’9”, Weight 140 lbs., Hair: Blk, Eyes: Blu, Age: 28, Male;
Melee: Elven Thin Blade, Msw +9 (1d8
1, 18-20/x2);
Full Round Attack: Thin Blade 7 (1d81) & Cold Iron Dagger 7 (1d41);
SA: Sneak attack +3d6 + Bleed (1 hp/rnd);
SQ: Evasion, Uncanny Doge, Low Light;

Abilities: Str 12, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 10, Chr 10;
Feats: Agile Manuvers (Lv 1), Exotic Weapon Prof. (Elven Thin Blade) (Lv 2), Quick Draw (Lv 3), Skill Focus (Acrobatics) (1/2 elf), Two Weapon Fighting (Lv 4), Two Weapon Defense (Lv 5), Weapon Finesse (Rogue Talent)


Samuel is born to a lovely elven woman, Na’athera Feraitae (often referred to as Thera), and a wealthy gem cutter and merchant, Victor “Dimandhand” Landon. His elven grandfather, Lyzair, is one of the few Keepers of Lore amongst their elven community. Before The War, Samuel would spend great lengths of time with both sides of his family. From his father, he learned a great deal about the value of items. From his grandfather, he learned the importance of knowledge and using your brain first, not last. His mother was a kind heart and he learned community and the responsibility to all those we call friend. Many elven men made attempts to steal her heart away from his father by spending time with Samuel. In the end, all that came of it was a greater foundation of knowledge and skills that he took from each attempt. Of all the skills his elven kin offered him, stealth, swordsmanship, and acrobatic feats were probably the ones he became most proficient at. His passion awarded him a fine gift, an elven thin blade, in which his grandfather gave him after learning how to wield it.

When The War began, Samuel practiced his mother’s teachings of community and left to defend the village of his neighbors and loved ones. While away, he received word that his mother had died on the road, traveling between the elven community and that of their home. He was given a small leave to be with his father while seeing his mother off to the hereafter. Orcs were the cause of this tragedy and Samuel went back to the militia with new resolve doing all he could to protect others from the orc filth. While he will never endanger anyone by putting rage before brains, he does not think he will ever be able to trust, or tolerate, an orc.

After the war, he returned to find his father and grandfather more at odds than usual. While little was spoken of the matter, Samuel could tell that neither man cared for the other’s company. A bottle of brandy and Samuel discovered that both seemed to blame the other for his mother’s death. “She would not have been on the road if not for your (grand)father,” either would say, followed by to either passing out or falling to tears, depending on how much spirit was left in the bottle.

Samuel Landon

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