Kethra Pentalldrin

a passionate woman skilled with a bow and always desirous to do what is right


Name: Kethra Pentalldrin

Fighter 3


S:14 I:13
D:16 W:12
C:13 Ch:12

Significant EQ:
chain shirt, shield, longbow, throwing axe

Focused feats on the bow…Ranged Mastery Domain from BOXMII

Marrying at the ripe old age of 13, this fire brand of a young woman bore two children to a wealthy merchant , Michael Pentalldrin of Greenvale. Though their was no love in the marriage of two, so far apart in years, the arrangement did suit the family. When her children were still young, her husband Michael was murdered by bandits while travelling to the sea port of Winecrest. This attack was purportedly one of several that started the war that ripped through the Empire of Thassolonia. A few years into the War, her eldest son, Barian, chose to join the ranks of the Imperial forces and apprenticed to Jacob( see above). During these difficult times, many folks in Grenvale had to pitch in to keep the town safe. Kethra showed her quality in the use of the bow. She became one of the town’s most skilled hunters and helped to thwart attacks by several goblyn raiders. One year before the signing of the Accords of Peace, Jacob sent word to her of her son’s death at the battlefront. Though dealt a horrible blow , she was not defeated. She decided that her daughter, Clea, could best use her natural talents in business in Winecrest under the watchful eye of her somewhat mysogynistic grandfather, Elias Stonebridge while Kethra would quell the growing sorrow in her heart by taking an even more aggressive role in re-building her homeland.

Kethra Pentalldrin

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