Chasing Granny

  • Pcs re-grouped in town to return to the house and try to free the children
  • Sam discovered the existence of a mystic named Arimenes…who might could aid them in their efforts.
  • NImbles scouted ahead and saw that Granny and the Jester had sent 8 of the remaining kids off on the boat towards Gull Island, and were prepping to leave with 3 of the kids in tow likely as "snacks"
  • He tried to slow them down ,but nearly got himself killed in the process only cracking one wheel of the wagon in the process.
  • The group met him on his way back and after a debriefing they rushed to find that the wagon was now being manned by a lone child…JAcob found a trail into the woods…the chase was on.
  • After double-backing around to the lake the group fought the hag and the Jester on the shore of the lake…granny tried to escape into the water with a child ,but Kethra's arrows harried her enough to force her into an invisiblew retreat below the surface of the water while Jacob, Sam ,and Sir Damryn put an end to the Jester on the beach.
  • Damryn and Kethra set about gathering the three kids the wicked duo had taken with them while Jacob, Samn, and NImbles headed out in a dingy to get the 8 children from the island.
  • As the three of them closed in on the island they noticed the children standing as statues on the shore with the various birds flocking around them( sea gulls and such)..but more ominous was a large gray creature the size of an ogre waiting amongst some branches…Nimbles took the opportunity to try to entangle the beast with a spell ,but it tore free and then smashed one of the kids whiel roaring at the three in the boat.
  • JAcob hurried them closer to the shore to attempt to engage the beast ,but the creature's strength was unbelievable…it hammered Jacob furiously and nearly slew the warrior…thinking quickly Sam threw Jacob's limp form in the boat while Nimbles drew the beasts' ire with long range scorching ray attacks ,but managed to just keep out of harm's way by swimming just outside of his reach and ordering the children back into the boat. Sam circled back to get Nimbles and they managed to coerce the kids to follow…though they were clearly not back to normal , they did seem to follow direct orders .
  • ONce back at the village, Kethra tended to JAcob and with some luck , the warrior returned to strength through sheer force of will. The town thanked them profusely ,but did not know what to do about the kid's inability to snap out of the daze the Jester had placed them in.
  • Victor Rosewood , the head councilman of the town, suggested the group head out to the far side of the lake and attempt to find the Fey-blooded mystic, Arimenes. The group decided to do just that and they were off…
  • The trek across the lake was fine ,but the woods where the recluse was said to live was eerie and the group was being tracked. They finally noticed their followers were a bunch of creatures which looked like a cross between a purple monkey and a cat ,but they kept increasingly whispering the word" "hobiyah"...which turned out to be their names. Nimbles recalled legend of such beasts which as they grew in number their courage and size also grew….
  • However, before anything could come of this, they stumbled into a clearing with a hovel in it wherein they met Arimenes. None had seen his likes before…he was about 5'7", reddish brown hair with a beard ,but strangely pointed elf-like ears. He seemed friendly enough as he verified that he indeed was Arimenes, and when asked pointedly of his heritage by Kethra, he said that as far as he knew he was one of a kind.
  • He heard the group's situation out and genuinely seemed sorry that he had been far away on urgent business when Dunharrow had their encounter with the hag and the Jester. He told the group of his efforts to cleanse the region of a coven of hags and that "Madriga"( aka Granny) had been the last and youngest of the clan. Also, he knew of the gray Jester and todl the group that the evil fey had stolen the children's joy and that the only way to return them to their normal selves would be for the group to travel to the Faewylde…the land of the Unseelie and destroy the Jester in his own court, for a creature of the Unseelie could only be permanently slain in his own world/dimension. He knew of how they could break the veil between the worlds and Nimbles' trophy( the Jester's scepter) would be the key. They woudl need to travel to a natural wonder(a nearby waterfall not far from the old Svalich Road) and cross over there…but at night through an Ogre-infested region.
  • After equipping the companions with better cold iron swords and discussing in private with Kethra for a bit, Arimenes regretfully informed the group that he would love to accompany them on this quest ,but he had many enemies in the High Court of Queen Mab( Mistress of all the Unseelie) and that his presence would make their journey even more periless. As they left, he warned them of the increased power that the Jester would have in his own court, and they should seek to defeat him quickly if at all possible.
  • Along the way , the group managed to outrun/outwit a group of 7-8 ogres playing catch with the heads of some victims( seemingly humanoid victims), and found their way to the waterfall and then through the veil between worlds to the realm of the Unseelie.
  • They were greeted to a long expanse of strangely shaped leafless trees which along a pinch point a portion of 4 of the trees came alive and attacked the group with sharp thorns which seemed to sap their very life energy…with quick thinking and team work the group defeated the creatures and headed onward. Their next encounter was more tame as they ran into a short goblyn-like creature with a huge mouth full of large dull teeth and a half-fey centaur with brightly colored gossamer wings, the pair called themselves Maddoc and Thoamaz. The eccentric and somewhat effiminant centaur and the surly goblyn-like creature made quite a sight ,but were of little help in the quest.
  • Travelling further along the ground became swampy and just as the mud became more than just a minor annoyance the group came to a fork in the road with a small hill holding a hut outside of which a large female figure sat with her back to the group whittling. As the drew closer, the woman appeared to be haggered looking with stringy gray hair and a single cyclopean eye in the center of her head…furthermore, she was whittling what appeared to be a bone of some creature with her own razor sharp fingernails. She introduced herself as Drelza and she stated that she knew which road led to the Jester's court. For a small price, she would tell them which one it was….if they disregarded her advice , she told them the wrong path led to certain death by one of the most powerful creatures in all of the land. It was all he could do to stop himself from attacking this apparent hag ,but Jacob bit his tongue while Kethra approahced offering her own beautifully carved mirror as payment. Drelza claimed that she wished to gaze closer upon a creature as beautiful as Kethra and when she stepped up to hand the hag the mirror , Drelza nicked her hand and quickly licked the blood that spilled on her finger tips. Pulling her hand back in surprise more than anger, Kethra asked for guidance…the witch told them to follow the right path….and that for another small price, she would tell them the key to defeating Chortle. Knowing she only wanted a personal item, Sam wisely tossed her his signet ring and asked for the information. She deftly grabbed the ring in mid-flight and sighed somewhat disappointed (perhaps that she did not get a sampling of Sam's blood as well) and proceeded to inform the group that they would need to find the baubles in which the Jester kept the children's joy and destroy them first before they could defeat him. Leaving quickly, the group proceeded down the right path….keeping an eye on the now chuckling hag, the group saw her and her little shelter disappear in a whisp of white smoke.
  • Not too long afterwards, the group came upon a the Jester's court…it was an open glade surrounded by small robed figures guarding the place while the Jester sat upon an oddly put together thrown made of wood, animal hide and bone, and an immense rack of antlers from what must have been the most enormous deer anyone had ever seen. He watched as the ghostly images of the children danced in front of his campfire trying in vain to entertain the dark fey. The children's visages were forlorn with a hint of desperation. These ethereal images must have been a manifestation of their predicament,but the group did not wait. The quietly surrounded the encampment with Nimbles traveling all the way around the circular clearing to hide in a small copse of trees behind the Jester. Once in position, Damryn appeared first and warned Chortle to releae the children or face true death. Chortle was much less care-free in personality in his own domain, and so he snarled and told his minions to slay the group.  
  • Damryn charged the Jester forcing him to make an amazing back flip behind his thrown ,but not before the paladin's sword hit home. Jacob closed in as well while the cloaked creatures( redcaps in disguise) swarmed them. At the same time, Kethra and Sam attempted to aid the fight and were attacked as well. Finally Damryn dropped the Jester and with a mighty jump Jacob drove his blade through his chest.  However, the children moved to surround him and it became clear that it was not yet over. When suddenly Nimbles burst through the line of redcaps taking a nasty cut across his back as he dove below the animal furs and under the throne , underneath, he found a locked chest which he hoped were the "baubles" the witch had referred too…knowing time was of the essence he let loose with a ray of flame that burnt the chest to a crisp and destroy some glass items inside. The Jester's body smoked with a inky blackness and the spirits of the children froze in place as they faded away with smiles on their faces….the companions had succeeded. The remaining redcaps fled in terror at the site of the death of their once immortal leader, and the group despoiled his court taking a dozen or more blue gems and two unique items: a staff and wooden shield both worked with excellent craftsmanship and enchanted to some effect….before they could be carefully studied, the group decided it would be best to leave the Faewylde before anything else happened. So, with their booty in tow and a confidence built on saving the community of Dunharrow and their children, the companions set off to the spot in the woods where they had first entered this Unseelie land….



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