3 Gremlins Gruff

OK, not as detailed as the last one ,but here is a bullet point recap: (?)-indicates that I am not quite certain as to this fact….any suggestions/corrections should be forewarded to me by the players where discrepancies are noticed.

  •   Protected Giselle ( little girl) until night fell at the church….Father Mathias helped her memorize the 4 stanzas of the banishment ritual


  • Damryn and Samuel arranged a meeting with one of the town's nobles, Ethan Stone at his mansion outside of town to discuss the possibility of him lending them some of his antiue cold iron weapons…they got to use some of the ones in poor shape , but the amazingly crafted dwarven battle axe was not to be had..Ethan offered a deal for the battle axe ,but it was turned down due to the open ended and unclear nature of the committment…Damryn's code would not allow such folly.


  • Encountered Bugbear and defated him outside the church….on the way to Old Mad Mary bender's house was tailed by a Yeth Hound which was defeated in the yard outside the old house.

  • Avoided a summoned tendriculos by running through the covered porch and into the house wherein the group was beseiged by summoned creatures including: a centipede swarm and a redcap…all were defeated and Sir Damryn slew one of the gremlins as well….or so it seemed.

  • The ritual was completed and the cursing gremlins were sent back to the fae realm. The rune box was taken to the church in Greenvale for safekeeping.

  • The group searched the house and found a trapped secret compartment in Mary's old room…after some effort by Samuel it was disarmed and an old diary was found along with a cold iron magical dagger. The diary mentioned some "lord" that Mary followed which she had discovered down in the well….also, she it intimated that her purpose in using the dagger was to aid in her control of Fae creatures….so perhaps this Gremlin episode was not so coincidental?

  • After searching the well and coming up empty handed..the group went to town to prove Guiseppie the toymaker's innocence. Their story was accepted ,but they need to intercept the Magistrate Thrask from Winecrest at the Weary Pilgrim's Stagecoach Inn along the way to prevent extending or exacerbating Guiseppi's trial . So they took off the next day with a shipment of toys and a pair of teamsters called Sam and Dean.

  • Once at the Inn , the group discovered a rather boisterous crowd enjoying themselves at a gambling table as well as rumors of a elven spirit called a banshee haunting the nearby woods.

  • Damryn heard a name he recognized and made the acquaintance of a rogue named Trabian. After sniffing about his room with the assistance of Samuel , it was discovered the rogue had a bloody sword hidden under his bed to match his tale ( perhaps tall?) of his recent escape from death at the hands of some goblyns in a nearby farm…of course, his companions were not so lucky.

  • Though unhappy about his trip " all the way to The Weary Pilgrim", Magistrate Thrask's frustration was put to rest by Kethra and the noble  was content to let the town of Greenvale deal with the toymaker as they saw fit….it seemed Guiseppi and  his family were finally safe.

  • After a meeting with Sir Damryn, and sensing the party's growing unease with his outlandish tales and behavior, Trabian attempted to leave in the wee hours of the morning…unfortunately, he ran into Kethra and eventually the whole group who decided that he should show them specifically where his companions met their demise and why he did not have a certain BOOK that Damryn was sure he had …, after some sorcerous convincing by Nimbles…he agreed to lead them to the farm.

  • The company found a strange farm as Trabian had implied some 1/2 day's ride from the Inn….apparently now run by goblyns led by a goblyn shaman and an ogress ….who strangely enough seemed to be lovers…the fight did not go well for the goblyns , especially the ogress who found herself on the wrong end of Damryn's mighty lance…the group then pressed the goblyn shaman for more information and searched the odd stone structure which had been used as a hide out by the goblyns…there they found a rather plain ,but elaborate magical shrine …dedicated to what exactly …could not be discerned…but in it they found the BOOK that Damryn sought . Unforunately it had a roundish indentation wherein the bluish gem that was embedded in the shaman's forehead would fit….Jacob decided the most efficient thing to do would be to simply take it from the shaman…unfortunately, when he did this, the gem seemed to take over the warrior and he placed it on to his forehead where it magically embedded itself there and forced him to turn on the party nearly killing Samuel with a surprise attack(?) ...when finally subdued and the gem removed, the group was able to safely store the book, and begin their trek back to the Inn.

    I actually think I prefer this sort of recap to a story one. What do the players think?



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